Mid morning break © David Dawson
Mid morning break © David Dawson

Ordovas is a private gallery dealing in the best of 20th century and contemporary art with a museum-quality exhibition programme. Founded on a commitment to and passion for art, and grounded in 20 years of specialist experience, it offers maximum discretion and unrivalled access to public and private collections globally, helping collectors, whether established or new, to navigate the art world. Pilar Ordovas founded her gallery after 13 years at Christie’s, where she was International Director and Deputy Chairman, Post-War and Contemporary Art in Europe, and two years as a Director of Gagosian Gallery in London.

Scholarly in tone, the exhibition programme focuses on historical works as well as modern masters. The gallery often presents pieces that have not been seen for generations and collaborates with major museums, institutions, artists’ estates and leading curators to mount thoughtful and revealing exhibitions. From its 2,000 sq ft Mayfair gallery, located at 25 Savile Row, Ordovas stages three museum-level exhibitions each year. In 2015, the gallery inaugurated its overseas presence with a large-scale sculpture exhibition in a double level, 10,000 sq ft space on the corner of Madison Avenue and 52nd St, New York. Ordovas’s London home and its outpost locations provide inspiring environments for the exhibition and private sale of rare and important artworks.

Ordovas has organized exhibitions in conjunction with a number of leading institutions, including The Courtauld and The Dulwich Picture Gallery in London, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

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