Artists and Lovers


Ordovas Unveils frida Kahlo Self-Portrait for New Exhibition


London Show celebrate the Love Relationships of 20th Century Art Stars

Major self-portrait by Frida Kahlo goes on free public display in london


The Greatest artistic Partnerships Explored In Artists and Lovers Exhibition.

El Mundo

Mi amante es artista


Sculpture exhibition of Swiss artist Not Vital opens at Ordovas in London

Chillida: Rhythm-Time-Silence

The Spectator

Is this female Swedish painter a major rediscovery - or a minor footnote


Critics' Choice

La Voz de Galicia

Un espacio vacío para mi padre era más rápido, tanto que a veces ni se veía


La música, el vacío y el tiempo centran una muestra de Chillida en Londres


Londres recuerda la figura de Chillida

El Universal

Londres expone la obra de Eduardo Chillida

About Ordovas


Brexit Looms Over Art Market With London Auctions Set to Decline


Japanese Collector Scoops up $98 Million of Art in Two Days


Sotheby's $144 Milion Impressionist and Modern Sale Sputters

Chillida: Rhythm-Time-Silence



Artnet news

Pilar Ordovas Inaugurates New York Pop-Up with Major Eduardo Chillida show

Rarely seen from Eduardo Chillidas estate in San Sebastian on View ar Ordovas pop up space

Houston Chronicle

Late Spanish sculptor gets 1st solo show in New York in 26 years

Artnet News

Inside Gagosian Gallerys Talent Factory, How Gogo Directors Go on to Rule the Art World

Olive Press

Rare Eduardo Chillida exhibition hits New York City


Importantes obras de Chillida-Leku salen para su venta en Nueva York

El Mundo

Ocho hierros de Chillida en Madison Ave

El Universal

Nueva York se da espacio para la obra de Eduardo Chillida


La familia Chillida orquesta una gran operacion comercial en Nueva York


El espiritu libre de Chillida regresa a Nueva York

The Big Blue


Billionaires Shrug Off Volatile Markets for Art Shopping Spree

The Times

A Peek Inside Damien Hirst's £25m Gallery

Evening Standard

Hirst blue period...shark is centre of exhibition on the sea


The Big Blue



Lucian Freud's striking paintings of his wife and muse go on show

The Independent

Previously unseen painting of the woman who broke Lucian Freud's heart

Lucian Freud portraits of his second wife on display to public at Ordovas in London


Si el mercado del arte en España supone uno, el de Londres es dos mil

El Mundo

Cuando la Bella dejó a la Bestia

La Opinion

A Freud le rompieron el corazón en Malaga

Brit-es Magazine

Descubrimos al Freud mas intimo en la galeria de Pilar Ordovas

Giacometti – Smith


Critics' Choice

Alberto Giacometti and David Smith

About Ordovas

FT Collecting

The Art Market Impact of Weakening Chinese economy

El Mundo

El Mercado del arte se desboca

The Times

Christie's is happy with its lots £1bn art sales in a week


Christie's Sells $1.4 Billion of Art in Two Auctions in New York

Evening Standard

Portrait of Lucian Freud's Jobcentre muse from Bethnal Green sells for record £35million

The Art Newspaper

In New York auctions $2bn already spent but no one is that surprised

Blouin ArtInfo

Christie's Scores 4th Biggest Art Auction Ever, Pulls In $1.36 Billion in 2 Nights

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$81.9 Million Rothko Leads Christie's Frenzied $658.5 Million Contemporary Art Sale

Antiques Trade Gazette

Christie’s billion dollar week of sales as Contemporary art market inflates further


Britain's Top 50 Galleries You Should Know


Un Plan Cultural: Galeria Ordovas


Richter's Hot Streak at 83 May Extend to U.K. Contemporary Sales


Las 20 Espanolas mas Influyentes del Arte


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Unseen Pablo Picasso Self-Portrait Goes on Show in London

Evening Standard

Picasso Selfie on Show in London for the First Time

RA Blog

Sam Phillips picks 20 of the best Frieze week Openings and Events


The UK’s 25 Must-See Fall Exhibitions

Self-Portrait by Pablo Picasso that has not previously been exhibited in public goes on view in London

Hirst Self-Portraits on display alongside Bacon, Koons and Picasso

El Primer Picasso de la historia apasiona en Londres

La Razon

Un Selfie nunca visto de Picasso

Cultura Arte

La Nueva

Exponen por primera vez un autorretrato de Picasso

Exhiben autorretrato de Picasso por primera vez en Londres

El Mundo

Un Autorretrato de Picasso expuesto por primera vez en Londres

Chillida on Miró


Critics' Choice

Ordovas opens the first exhibition to examine the relationship between Chillida and Miró


El diálogo eterno entre Joan Miró y Eduardo Chillida


Londres recuerda la profunda amistad entre Chillida y Miró

El Correo

El abrazo de Eduardo Chillida y Joan Miró

El Iberico

Llega a Londres la exposición ‘Chillida on Miró’

Chillida y Miró, una amistad que se recuerda en Londres

El Iberico

Llega a Londres la exposición 'Chillda on Miró'

Chillida y Miró: La amistad entre los dos artistas se exhibe en Londres

Chillida y Miró, una amistad que se recuerda en Londres

Tales of Paradise


Critics' Choice


Critics' Choice

Gauguin paintings and sculpture go on public display for the first time in UK

About Ordovas


Van Gogh, Warhol works spark interest


Außerordentliche Preise und Flops


El Arte debe ser el Alimento del Alma


Collectors Balk at Prices at Christie’s

The New York Times

Francis Bacon Work Sells for $70 Million at Christie's Auction

Blouin ArtInfo

Big night at Christie's Caps London Contemporary Week

Bloomberg Luxury

Buyers Chase Bacon's Lover to Koons's Egg in London Sale


Private Views – Pilar Ordovas

Raw Truth
Auerbach − Rembrandt
at the Rijksmuseum

Blouin Artinfo

Frank Auerbach Meets Rembrandt at the Rijksmuseum


Rembrandt – Auerbach: Ruwe Werkelijkheid


Eregalerij maat te groot voor Auerbach


Dick aufgetragen: Frank Auerbachs Rembrandt-Hommage in Amsterdam

Het Parool

Rembrandt en Auerbach moet je op afstand bekijken

Het Parool

Rijks toont Auerbach in Eregalerij


Vreemde eend in de Eregalerij

Raw Truth

BBC Culture

Are Auerbach and Bacon Rembrandt's artistic heirs?


Critics' choice


Same old story?

From Iron to Light


Around the galleries


Chillida: From Iron to Light

The Huffington Post

Bacon, Viola, Judd, Chillida (x2), Motherwell, Richter – All in Mayfair

Art in a City

Off the Beaten Track: Chillida at Ordovas

Art Daily

First dedicated exhibition of Eduardo Chillida's sculptures opens at Ordovas in London

El Iberico

Chillida: entre el hierro y la luz

Movement and Gravity
Bacon and Rodin in dialogue


Reviews: International

Financial Times

Movement and Gravity: Bacon and Rodin in Dialogue

The Times

First insight into influence of Rodin on Francis Bacon


Rodin and Bacon works in joint exhibition at Ordovas

Art Daily

First exhibition to explore dialogue and connections between Francis Bacon and Auguste Rodin opens at Ordovas

About Ordovas


Londres, la urbe mas premium


Una muestra revela por primera vez la admiración de Francis Bacon por la escultura de Rodin

Painting from Life
Carracci Freud


Painting from Life: Carracci-Freud

Time Out

Meet their makers


The eyes have it

The Guardian Blog

Portrait of the artist: Lucian Freud's Frank Auerbach

Il Sole 24 Ore

Conversazioni d’artista: Annibale Carracci e Lucian Freud

Calder in India

Art Info

8 Outstanding Summer Shows in London, From Dazzling Bridget Rileys to a Survey of Invisible Art


Alexander Calder at Ordovas, Naomi Richmond-Swift

Art Info

The Fruits of Alexander Calder's Forgotten Journey to India Go on View After Over 50 Years

It's Nice That

Ordovas gallery presents a rare and inspired collection of Alexander Calder mobiles


Alexander Calder undiscovered work on show

The Times of India

Time After 57 years, Calder's priceless sculptures resurface

Julio González
First Master of the Torch

About Ordovas

Yo Dona

Ellas acaparan el arte en Londres

Yo Dona

Las 20 españolas + poderosas del mundo del arte


Lucian Freud La danza del cazador naturalista

Irrational Marks
Bacon and Rembrandt

Time Out

Irrational Marks: Bacon and Rembrandt

Independent on Sunday - The New Review

Seeing double
He brutally mutilated the Old Masters self-portraits – then endlessly echoed them.
But just how influenced was Francis Bacon by Rembrandt? Charles Darwent explores a new exhibition that attempts to paint a clearer picture.

The Art Newspaper

Going back in time: the next big thing
Modern and contemporary art fairs are encouraging crossover collecting with a renewed focus on older art

Intelligent Life

Darkness visible
Simon Willis explores Rembrandt's influence on Francis Bacon at "Irrational Marks", an exhibition at Ordovas in London ...


New show examines artist Bacon's debt to Rembrandt


Ordovas Irrational Marks: Bacon and Rembrandt Review by Naomi Richmond-Swift


The Big Frieze

The Times

Self-prortaits shine spotlight on Bacon's debt to Rembrandt

About Ordovas

ES Magazine

The Minimalist - Pilar Ordovas


"I Want to Add Something Different to the Equation": Pilar Ordovas on Leaving Gagosian to Open a New London Gallery for Classic Contemporary Art

El Pais

Pilar Ordovás "Cuando te repites, tienes que asumir un nuevo reto"

El Mundo

Bacon y Rembrandt, cita en Savile Row


Rembrandt y su discípulo Bacon


Pilar Ordovás inaugura en Londres

Deia Igandea

El arte contemporáneo capea el temporal


Con mi Galleria quiero aportar algo al panorama internacional

El Mundo

Desayuno con Mr. Freud
Breakfast with Mr Freud (English translation)


Un espacio de arte innovador en Londres