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Re Peter Beard
Arles Computer Dissolve
Paris M.O.M.A 1986. 1 hr.

Attention Getty Museum Group

Having for many years seen the remarkable Diaries and photographs that Peter Beard has made to record a unique and remarkable life, I believe this form of documentation has enormous value and interest to a wide range of people, especially to artists, as a compost from which they could draw vast types of inspiration.  I  think it is now a time to redefine photography in relation to our existence – I believe Peter Beard’s works are especially important and should be supported –

Unfortunately in the past a number of these remarkable diaries were destroyed in a fire- In this short letter I have tried to convey to you how valuable and interesting Peter Beard’s work has been to me- I can be reached at this address at any time you would like further information on this subject.

Yours very sincerely
Francis Bacon, 1986

Peter Beard, Diary Pages with Francis Bacon’s Glove, 11–12 April, 1976

Peter Beard, Diary Pages 15, 18 April, 1976

Peter Beard, Diary Pages 14, 19 April, 1976