Frank Auerbach Interview with BBC Radio 4’s Front Row

‘Since my painting can’t be concocted, since it can overtake me at any time at all, since I never know when I’m going to finish a painting or see something happening, and there are many false finishes, it’s very useful to me to just have a routine so that I’m there when it happens. My paintings are always a surprise to me. Both in look and when they happen. I never know when something will appear on the canvas that I think is worth leaving.’ – Frank Auerbach in conversation with John Wilson


In October 2013, ahead of our exhibition Raw Truth: Auerbach – Rembrandt, Frank Auerbach sat down with BBC Radio 4’s John Wilson for a rare interview to discuss his life and his approach to his work. The resulting conversation provides a fascinating glimpse into the artist’s creative process, all the more special for being in his own voice.

We hope you enjoy listening to the excerpt below; the full interview can be found here:


Frank Auerbach’s studio, photographed by Chris Steele-Perkins, London, 1986