Return address
Peter Beard
829 Park Avenue
N.Y.C N.Y. 10021

Dear Francis

In the remote hope that after all this time you might actually be in London at the same time as I, here is my first letter of the year(s) to say that I’m heading back to Kenya Feb 13th-16th and it would mean a great deal to me to be able to touch base with you..

after that GUSH of water at Marlborough (which we discussed on the phone from Monte Carlo [not to mention the busy businessman checking his watch] I am literally bursting with anticipation — STARVED for the Reece Mews OASIS effect — or, as they say STARVED FOR CHOWS and of course WHEELERS
I am so out of touch it is probably too much to expect to synch-up with you but needless to say it is the one thing on my mind — and why not try and 
feel lucky?

Actual flight #s are unknown as yet but I expect to leave N.Y.C about FEB 13th, 14, or 15th – arriving  London FEB. 16th, 17th or 18th — Then Nairobi by the next week —
I hope my Greek friend got through to you [HEAVY ART COLLECTION]

and therefore you know I’m still alive. —There is so much news + things to say; but then there always are — NEVERTHELESS I do so hope we can meet — if you need anything from over here just let me know [but then you never do?]
INESTIMABLE GREETINGS and warmest thoughts — Hoping to see you “JUST-NOW” as they say in Africa
LONDON adds!

P.S. #2
.. will be staying (as of today!) at the Carleton Towers Hotel & messages etc c/o Eric Nezhad at [lawyers] Anthony ANDREW D. Kerman
Forsyte Kerman + co
79 New Cavendish St
Telephone: 01-637-8566

P.S. also anxious to hear if Victor L is okay — one tends always to hear the WORST — Hoping his situation has a bright side — Maybe we can reach him for a feed.

Envelope and letter from Peter Beard to Francis Bacon, 1982