• Self installation view, Photography by Mike Bruce, Damien Hirst artworks © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd, all rights reserved. DACS 2014

  • Self installation view, Photography by Mike Bruce

  • Self installation view, Photography by Mike Bruce, Damien Hirst artworks © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd, all rights reserved. DACS 2014



14 October – 13 December 2014

Gallery Hours:
Tue-Fri: 10:00-18:00
Sat: 11:00-15:00

Self, on public display at Ordovas from 14 October until 13 December 2014, will look at the interpretations of self-portraiture of four of the greatest artists of the 20th century, spanning the modern and contemporary eras. The exhibition will trace the development of the self-portrait from the early modernism of Pablo Picasso to the angst-ridden essence captured by Francis Bacon, from the proselytising Jeff Koons to the sardonic darkness of Damien Hirst. Since the first hand print was left on the side of a cave, the making of images has been intrinsically bound up with self-portraiture and its concerns of self-presentation and self-preservation. During the sea changes that took place in the art world in the 20th century, this timeless human activity was thoroughly re-examined. Photography, mass media and existentialism would all come to have an impact on the way that artists as diverse as Picasso and Hirst captured their own image.


Damien Hirst on Francis Bacon, 20 November 2008; Footage courtesy of Tate © Tate, London


An hour with artist Jeff Koons, 25 July 2014; Courtesy: Charlie Rose

Panel Discussion about self-portraiture, 2 December 2014; Ordovas Audio Recording




34 x 26 cm (13 6/16 x 10 4/16 in);
68 pages; fully illustrated in colour
Designed by Sinead Madden, London

ISBN 978-0957028791



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